They were once the people I could trust my life into
All I want to know is: what did I do?
Best friends until the end, we said,
Yet every night I lay crying in bed.
It does not take a sleuth
To discover this poem only speaks the truth.
Lies and drama filled to the brim
My emotions forever more grim.
You ignored me, and I didn’t know how to react.
So, I just did it back.
Barely a glance when we see each other
Sometimes I wish we could treat each other like sister or brother.
Writing this pains me
But sometimes this is key.
You broke my heart and trust
I tried to apologize and that ended in a bust.
Forgiving them is no longer an option.
You pick out your new friends like an adoption.
Who’s cute, who’s nice?
Who’s quiet, veins filled with ice?
I must confess
I now know summertime sadness.

tumblr keeps recommending i follow you, and every time i see it i cringe.



guess who has 44,409 followers and doesn’t care. like why would you feel like that was something you needed to tell me take a good, long look at your life friend congrats you cringed at something on the internet how special.